The 4th Dragages Hong Kong French Speech Competition 2013

To participate, your school and/or teacher of French must be a member of our association. In order to become a member, please register here

A. Competition documents

1. Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations 2013
Document Adobe Acrobat 59.7 KB

2. Annexes

Annex 1: Competition texts

List of competition texts - New this year: girls can choose from 2 texts at all levels!
Document Adobe Acrobat 163.5 KB

Annex 2: Important dates

Important dates
important dates.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 41.1 KB

Annex 3: Application forms

Application form for solo competitions (poetry speaking and/or prose reading)
Document Microsoft Word 97.0 KB
Application form for choral competitions (poetry speaking)
Document Microsoft Word 83.0 KB

Annex 4: Payment Record Form

Payment record form (to send by mail together with your cheque)
Document Microsoft Word 86.5 KB

Annex 5: Categories and events and fees

Categories and events and fees
Document Adobe Acrobat 41.1 KB

B. Competition calendar and venues

(coming soon!)

C. Other documents

1. Group members' list for choral events

Group members list for choral poetry speaking events (to be returned on the day of the competition)
Document Microsoft Word 84.5 KB

2. Prose reading passage form (for solo prose reading events)

Prose reading passage form (to be submitted by email on or before Nov. 15, 2013)
Prose reading passage.doc
Document Microsoft Word 76.0 KB